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Ryan Bottema,
Maple Grove High School

Coach Jon is a great coach. He pushes me in practice because he wants me to be the best I can be. His workouts are hard but they are worth it in the end. 

Bryant Mayfield,
Palomar College


With Coach Jon I've learned teamwork, hardwork agility, balance and focus. The training has increased my stamina stability and core strength. I could barely touch the backboard; now I'm doing windmill dunks. 

Lucy Hiller,
Minnetonka High School

I fell out of love for track until I met Coach Jon. He pushed me to give my best at everything. He made me excited to run again, and I will always be grateful for his life and coaching skills.

Ares Amani,
Providence Academy

Thanks Coach Jon for perfecting my form, increasing my speed, and improving my agility. Your training has put my game on a new level.

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